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Hollister Products

Caring for wounds or irritated skin requires the right products. These Hollister skin care formulas offer an effective way to restore skin's strength and softness. Hollister offers a number of products that care providers use on a regular basis. With Hollister Restore spray cleansers, a gentle foam lifts away discharge and irritants and leaves no residue. And because no water is required, it can be conveniently used right at a patient's bedside. Hollister also makes a number of protectant products that create a strong moisture barrier, which is essential for wound care and incontinence care. These products moisturize and nourish the skin while still providing that protective layer.

Hollister's medical skin care products are favored by caregivers due to their ease of use, their effectiveness and their affordability. To find great prices on some Hollister's most popular cleansing and protective skin products, shop at AMF Incontinence

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