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Attends Advanced Underwear - Adult Pull-ons

  • $19.99

These Attends adult pull on diapers have additional layers to absorb incontinence and keep it away from your skin. This Attends adult pull on diaper has multiple layers to absorb fluids and prevent odor, while keeping incontinence away from your skin. The acquisition layer and suber absorbent polymer channel work together to get fluid to the core of the adult diaper and the breathable construction keeps your skin dry.
Item# Size Waist/Hip Weight Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
APP0710 Youth/Small 22"-34" 80-120 lbs 20 Each $19.99 80 Each $52.99
APP0720 Medium 34"-44" 120-175 20 Each $19.99 80 Each $52.99
APP0730 Large 44"-58" 170-210 lbs 18 Each $19.99 72 Each $52.99
APP0740 X-Large 58"-68" 210-250 lbs 14 Each $19.99 56 Each $52.99

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