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Calcium Alginate Dressings with Silver

Many caregivers like using calcium alginate dressings for treating wounds. These dressings include a seaweed-derived substance called alginate which turns into a moist gel when exposed to the wound's exudate. In this collection, you'll find calcium alginate dressings that also include silver. This specialized type of dressing features silver ions which are released in the presence of wound fluid. These ions help to protect the dressing from bacterial colonization and provide an effective barrier to bacterial penetration. Because a considerable amount of exudate must be present to activate both the silver ions and the alginate, it's best to use calcium alginate dressings with silver on wounds with moderate to heavy exudate levels.

While calcium alginate dressings with silver are most commonly used on surgical incision sites, they can also be applied for faster healing of diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and partial and full thickness wounds. Get the wound care products you need for affordable prices at AMF Incontinence.