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Composite Dressings- Island and Barrier Island Dressings

Composite dressings are a must-have for anyone dealing with the wound healing process. While loose dressings may work for those who are immobile, they are less practical for wounds that are not as debilitating. Composite dressings combine non-adherent gauze with a film backing. This provides a soft, sterile surface for the wound as it heals while still keeping out any outside contaminants. When a breathable adhesive border is also included, this type of dressing can even be worn while bathing. Because the border creates a separate, protected area in the center of the dressing, these are also commonly called island or barrier island dressings.

For proper application, use composite dressings as primary or secondary dressings on a wound. In addition, make sure the adhesive border does not come into contact with the wound. At AMF Incontinence, you'll be able to choose from a variety of composite dressing sizes and quantities to get the right products for your wound care needs.