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Liners and Guards

In addition to a large selection of protective underwear, AMF Incontinence carries a full line of top quality incontinence supplies such as pads, liners and guards. Using these products together gives incontinence sufferers and their caregivers greater flexibility for maximum protection, health and comfort. Made from the finest materials for superior absorption, these products are from companies that specialize in medical supplies and incontinence products for home health care and professional hospital and nursing facilities. You'll find incontinence products from Abena, Select, Tranquility, Tena, Prevail and Attends. 

Abena incontinence products include booster pads that can be added to absorbent undergarments and incontinence pads that are an attractive alternative to full adult diapers, allowing the person to wear their usual underwear and still be protected. Booster pads, adult liners, contour pads and super-plus liners are some of the Tranquility incontinence products offered.

Incontinence Pads

Important considerations to consider when choosing a protective pad include how large you need it to be for the best coverage and how much absorption is required. Incontinence pads can minimize leakage onto bedding and simplify clean-up. They can also reduce the number of adult diaper changes required. Booster Pads are designed to be worn along with incontinence undergarments such as adult pull-ups, whereas regular pads are meant to be used with regular underwear.

Protective Liners for Incontinence

Liners are typically used for lighter moisture protection, attaching securely with an adhesive strip to regular underwear. They feature an absorbent core that pulls moisture away from the body while reducing odor. Some liners include wetness indicators to let you know when they need to be changed. The more absorbent liners can be used for protection while sleeping and for extended wear.

Male Guards for Incontinence

Incontinence guards for men are specially designed for a man's body, and they attach to ordinary briefs with adhesive strips. Meant for light incontinency, they're made with fast-drying absorbent material and soft outer sheet for comfort. Some styles are individually wrapped for discreet use and portability.