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Certain health issues can cause the need for managing fall risk at any age. Fortunately, AMF Incontinence has found some cost-effective ways to help limit slip potential. This section includes a number of comfortable footwear options for improving safety in and out of the home. By wearing these slip-resistant socks and slippers, the risk of sliding or falling can be greatly reduced. It can also create more independence for those who want to be able to move more freely or without constant supervision.

Our selection of slip-resistant footwear includes a number of cozy socks and slippers, including many products from the popular Pillow Paws brand. The sticky prints on these socks help to stabilize feet and limit sliding on smooth surfaces. Meanwhile, they also come in fun colors and prints, so no one has to sacrifice style for safety. Choose from a variety of colorful and convenient no-slip socks at AMF Incontinence.