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Belted Undergarments

If you or someone you care for has trouble with incontinence pads that keep on slipping, these belted undergarments are the perfect solution. Available in different styles for moderate to heavy incontinence, belted protective pads feature absorbent material and belts that are worn comfortably around the waste for added security. Some styles have button elastic straps; others have hook and loop fasteners. These types of pads are easy to change and certain models are specially designed for improved airflow.

Features of Belted Disposable Pads

Among the different types of belted undergarments, you'll find models that include waterproof and quiet, non-rustling outer layers that look and feel like cloth. Some include leg gathers to prevent leakage and wetness indicators. With certain belted pads, the button straps are reusable, which cuts down on unnecessary waste. Super absorbent polymer material offers superior dryness and containment, and this keeps skin healthy and free from rashes and irritation. There are belted pads with extra-wide belts and another feature you'll find are multiple layers with stay-dry top sheets.

More advanced styles may feature an especially absorbent core, which is recommended for heavier incontinence and as a product you can use during nighttime hours. This type of pad will also have a back cover that improves air circulation around the skin, making the product more breathable. For products that are available in various sizes, information about those sizes, colors, package quantity and prices can be found in the chart on the product page.

High-Quality Incontinence Supplies for Comfort and Convenience

At AMF Incontinence, we offer these top-name incontinence supplies to help improve the lives of those both patients and caregivers. These innovative products let those who suffer from incontinence live more active lives, and the convenience of disposable, easy-to-use pads, adult diapers and other items frees up caregivers, nurses and hospital staff to attend to other patient care. In addition to our wide selection at low prices, we offer fast, friendly and reliable service and a knowledge of these products that comes from more than a decade of experience.