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Daily Aids

When certain physical tasks become a challenge, it doesn't have to slow you down. These daily aids from AMF Incontinence are made with various medical issues and physical disabilities in mind. Make eating easy with handy utensil holders, or use reaching aids to pick up items without straining or injuring yourself. Use heat wraps, weight cuffs, hand exercisers and more to help treat issues that may be holding you back. Whatever challenges you're facing, you can search at AMF Incontinence to find products that make life a little easier each day.

This collection also includes a number of handy items for caregivers beyond incontinence products. Whether it's a bib for mess-free meal times or an inflatable shampoo bowl for washes without a trip to the shower, these items from AMF Incontinence make it easy to help those who need assistance with these daily tasks. Shop our entire collection to find the products to help those with special needs or health issues.