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Odor Eliminators and Diaper Disposal Aids

Finding briefs and pads that can minimize odors is only half the battle for those with adult incontinence. To truly get rid of any unpleasant smells, you also need adult diaper odor eliminators and incontinence disposal bags. These products are made for these specific odors, so they're more effective than traditional air fresheners. Instead, you get effective sprays, bags and other products that get rid of any lingering odors quickly and completely.

Our deodorizing adult diaper disposal bags and deodorizer products are affordably priced, thanks to our negotiated lowest prices. Choose incontinence pad disposal bags infused with deodorizers designed to target specific odors. Keep rooms fresh with deodorizing cleaners and sprays that are far more effective than ordinary air fresheners in eliminating lingering smells

At AMF Incontinence, you'll find a wide variety of adult diaper odor eliminators and diaper disposal aids from which to choose. Odor-eliminating adult diaper disposal bags like Heaven Scent are perfect for keeping trash bins free of smells while also ensuring that you won't have to dispose of each diaper or pad in an outdoor bin. When rooms and surfaces need a fresh scent, we have the sprays, cleaning products and continuous release air fresheners you need for effective odor elimination. With these handy air freshening supplies from AMF Incontinence, no one will ever know you use adult incontinence products.