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Covidien Products - Wings, Kendall, Curity

If you've been let down by other adult incontinence supplies, it's time to give Wings a try. These products are some of the most trusted in the industry due to their padded wings. These padded wings help users to feel more comfortable and confident. Rather than worrying about their incontinence, they're able to enjoy the things they love knowing that the wings are keeping their absorbent underwear in place.

Wings adult diapers offer a few additional features besides their popular winged design. With breathable side panels, these adult diapers feel more comfortable and minimize skin irritation. A dryness color strip, meanwhile, signifies when briefs need to be changed. Some Wings briefs also include a hook and loop fastening system which helps to ensure a perfect fit every time. When all these features are combined with their famous padded wings, it's easy to see why Wings is such a popular choice for adult incontinence supplies. If you're looking for cheap Wings incontinence briefs, AMF Incontinence is the best place to shop.