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Elta Products

From simple moisturizing to complex wound care, Elta offers a number of solutions for private caregivers and professional health care workers. These effective skin care products include Elta Lite Lotion, which offers excellent daily nourishment and moisturizing for the skin. For more complicated skin challenges, caregivers can look to Elta's other products, including antimicrobial skin and wound gel, which can be used on high-risk and infected wounds. These powerful products provide relief from skin irritations resulting from issues like bed sores, feeding tube leaks or incontinence management. Once skin has healed, Elta lotions and barrier creams can be used to keep skin healthy and supple while also protecting against damage from excess moisture exposure.

Treat skin issues with care by choosing these reliable products from Elta. With a diverse selection of products, it's easy for caregivers to find formulas that meet their patients' needs. At AMF Incontinence, we offer affordable prices on these and other skin care products.

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