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One side effect that is common with a number of health issues is skin that is irritated, rough or fragile. Meanwhile, bacteria can create hygienic issues that exacerbate these problems even further. For caregivers, Remedy offers a number of gentle, effective treatments to ensure that skin stays healthy and strong. These creams and lotions help to cleanse, moisturize and protect the skin for patients who are incontinent, bedbound or dealing with dermatological challenges.

At AMF, there are a number of Remedy skin care products available to allow caregivers to find the right solution for a variety of issues. You'll find Remedy antifungal creams, Remedy lotions, Remedy skin repair creams and more on our site. Moisture barriers are also available for diaper rash and other issues related to excessive moisture exposure. You'll get affordable prices on these helpful skin solutions when you shop at AMF

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