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Smith and Nephew Products

Maintaining skin integrity can be a challenge when skin is consistently irritated or exposed to moisture. To help prevent or treat these issues, use Smith & Nephew skin care products. At AMF Incontinence, we offer a number of Smith & Nephew's best wound management products, including several from the effective Secura line. These products, such as Smith & Nephew protective ointment, moisturize and condition the skin while providing a barrier against moisture and irritants. Meanwhile, Secura cleansers can be used as a no-rinse, one-step antimicrobial cleaning solution to make skin care easier for caregivers.

Those who provide regular care in medical settings or at home understand that dealing with fragile, compromised skin requires the right products. By choosing Smith & Nephew products, you'll get products suited to the sensitive skin of your patients or your loved ones. Find the skin care products you need at affordable prices by shopping at AMF Incontinence.