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Abena Abri-Form Premium Adult Briefs - Adult Diaper - Completely Breathable *Level 2*

  • $32.99

One of the things that can hold people back from using adult diapers is the lack of air "down there." If you prefer a fresher, airier feel, choose Abena Abri-Form Premium adult briefs from AMF Incontinence. These briefs are extremely breathable to maximize comfort for the user. Meanwhile, they are engineered with a flexible fit to help prevent any skin irritation while also stopping leaks. Because they come in a range of sizes and capacity levels, they can be used by people with mild to severe incontinence. Depending on the size selected, capacity for these Level 2adult diapers can be as high as 114 fluid ounces.

At AMF Incontinence, we make it easy to order Abena Abri-Form Premium adult briefs. We offer these adult diapers by the case to help you save money on each pair. Plus, you can sign up for our optional subscription service to schedule automatic deliveries according to your unique needs. Best of all, our low prices help you save money on these important incontinence products.

Item# Size Waist Capacity Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
43060 Medium 27.5"-43" 87 Fluid oz. 24 Each $32.99 96 Each $121.99

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