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Abena San Premium Pad 7

Abena San Premium Pad 7

  • $29.99

Introducing the Abena San Premium Pad 7, now offered at AMF Incontinence - your go-to destination for reliable incontinence solutions. Engineered for heavy absorbency, these pads feature a fluff and polymer core, with dimensions measuring 14.1 x 24.8 inches and a unisex design ranging from 21 to 30 inches in length.

Part of the premium range, these anatomically shaped bladder protection pads cater to all incontinence levels, from light to very heavy. Experience a cloth-like topsheet providing a cotton-like feel, ensuring breathability along with a breathable backsheet foil for enhanced comfort.

Benefit from comprehensive leakage protection, thanks to extended lengthwise and cross barriers. The exclusive TopDry system swiftly absorbs moisture, maintaining a dry surface, while integrated odor control ensures freshness. Furthermore, a wetness indicator with a graduation scale offers improved capacity indication.

For optimal usage, sizes 5-11 of the ABENA San pads pair seamlessly with Abri-Fix products, guaranteeing a secure fit and reducing leakage risks.

Discover the reliability and superior performance of Abena San Premium Pad 7 at AMF Incontinence. Embrace top-notch incontinence care, tailored to various needs while delivering exceptional comfort and leakage protection up to 2100 mL absorbency level.

Item# Size Dimensions Capacity Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
1000021309 7
14.1 X 24.8 Inch
71 Fluid oz. 30 Each $29.99 120 Each $90.99

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