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Beneprotien Powder, 7 gm Packets

  • $13.99

Beneprotein 7-gram powder packs from AMF Incontinence are 100 percent premium-quality whey protein that promotes skin health, wound healing, muscle strength and a stronger immune system by adding protein to your hot or cold foods. Order it in the economical 75-packet case from AMF. Nestle's Beneprotein is also an easy way to boost your diet. This tasteless powder can easily be dissolved or mixed into your food or beverages without compromising the taste or texture.

You won't find any fillers, sweeteners or artificial flavors in Beneprotein. Each Beneprotein single-serve packet contains 6 grams of good-for-you protein. It mixes without clumping, which means it's easier to flush feeding tubes. Plus, it's approved for kosher, lactose-free, gluten free and low-residue diets.


100% high-quality whey protein

Each serving provides 6 g protein

Mixes instantly into a wide variety of foods and beverages without compromising taste or texture

Provides protein to enhance a regular diet, help promote skin health, wound healing, immune response, and muscle strength

Mixes without clumping for hassle-free tube feeding flushes

Contains no fillers, sweeteners or artificial flavorings

75 7 gm packets per case


Item# Package Quantity Price Per Pack
10043900284306 Bundle of 5 7 gm Packets $13.99
10043900284306 1 Case of 75 7 gm Packets

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