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Coloplast Critic-Aid Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment with Antifungal

  • $16.99

Coloplast Critic-Aid Clear Moisture Antifungal Barrier, Easy to Apply and Remove

If you're looking for an effective treatment and preventative for topical skin irritation due to fungal infections, Coloplast Critic-Aid clear moisture barrier ointment is highly recommended. This anti-fungal cream is easy to apply and remove, and it creates a barrier on the skin that eliminates moisture. Critic-Aid barrier cream contains 2 percent miconazole nitrate, petrolatum and dimethicone, and it will adhere to intact as well as denuded skin. This Coloplast anti-fungal moisture barrier ointment (MCK757) is available in various sizes. Because it's clear, it allows for examination of skin without having to remove the ointment.

  • Simple formula with minimal ingredients
  • Applies easily and can be removed easily
  • Adheres to both intact and eroded skin 
  • CHG compatible

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Item# Size Package Quantity Price Per Pack Bundle Quantity Price Per Bundle Case Quantity Price Per Case
7571 2 oz 1 Each $16.99 Bundle of 2 Tubes
$23.99 12 Tubes $103.99
7572 5 oz 1 Each $21.99 Bundle of 2 Tubes $33.99 12 Tubes

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