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Dermarite 3n1 Cleansing Foam

Dermarite 3n1 Cleansing Foam

  • $12.99

Dermarite 3-n-1 Cleansing Foam 7-3/4 oz Bottle, No-rinse, Latex-free

Dermarite no-rinse, easy to use 3-N-1 Cleansing Foam is the one product that does it all. 3-N-1 Cleansing Foam contains Aloe Vera, is pH balanced and is great for bed baths, ventilator patients, bed confined and obese patients. Use as a perineal cleanser, body wash or shampoo. Perfect for use in Hospice & Home Health.

Item# Size Package Quantity Price Per Pack
00190 4 oz 1 Bottle $12.99
00190 4 oz Bundle of 2 Bottles
00190 4 oz 1 Case of 12 Bottles $49.99

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