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XXXL Bariatric Double Imprint Blue Bundle of 3

  • $14.99

Our extra wide Pillow Paws brand skid-resistant bariatric slipper socks in size XXXL offer twice the protection against slips and falls with double-imprint tread. The slip-resistant tread is printed on the sole and on top of each blue sock's foot for slip-resistant protection when you wear these terry cloth sock slippers right-side up or upside down. These patient safety slip socks are designed for bariatric patients and those with foot or ankle wound dressings that require extra-wide slipper socks. The tread is superior to that found on other socks because, unlike other sock slippers, this tread is printed on the smooth side of the terry cloth fabric. Others print their tread on the terry cloth side, which means the imprint can become lost in the textured terry loops. All latex-free Pillow Paws safety-tread slipper socks are machine washable. Enjoy lowest negotiated prices on all sizes of Pillow Paws skid-resistant slipper socks at AMF.


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