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Prevail Belted Shields - Incontinence Pads

  • $24.99

Our Prevail brand belted incontinence shields from AMF Incontinence are designed for men and women on the go. These Prevail belted shields with buttons have elastic straps that, along with the buttonholes, keep your pad in place while you're on the move. Target Acquisition Zone construction means moisture and odors are locked away. The elastic straps on the Prevail belted shields are reusable, too. Order yours in the 30-count pack or 120-count case. For maximum overnight protection against loss of bladder or bowel control, consider our affordably priced Prevail brand extended wear briefs to absorb wetness and odors. If you're unsure about what level of protection you want, visit our Samples page first to try out small quantities of different sizes with different absorbencies. Often, customers will choose to wear different products by day and night, and choose extended wear solutions for long-term travel. If you have questions, ask our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We've been the industry leader for more than a decade in offering affordably priced incontinence and home medical supply products by the world's best brands.
Item# Size Waist/Hip Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
PV-324 Belted Shields One Size 30 Each $24.99 120 Each $58.99

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