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Prevail Male Guards - Incontinence Pads

Prevail Male Guards - Incontinence Pads

  • $16.99

Prevail's male guard incontinence pads are made to contour to men's bodies to quickly absorb wetness and odor. These Prevail brand guards for men from AMF Incontinence are attached with an adhesive strip. The outer layer is a special cloth-like fabric to avoid any odd noises when you're walking around. Keep these on hand to avoid having to stop what you're doing and change clothes when you experience a sudden loss of bladder control. Prevail's secure-tape construction means they won't slip. We carry these 12.4-inch men's incontinence insert pads in the 14-count pack. Or, order by the 126-count or 208-count case. We carry American-made Prevail brand incontinence male guards, pull-on protective underwear and other male incontinence products for loss of bladder or bowel control for you or an aging parent. Enjoy our low prices and fast shipping on every order. Sign up to receive automatic shipments of replacement Prevail male guards.
Item# Size
Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
PV-811 Male Guard       13" 14 Each $16.99 126 Each $47.99

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