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Prevail Per-Fit Briefs

  • $18.99

Enjoy maximum urinary leakage protection with Prevail Per-Fit disposable adult briefs now on sale at AMF Incontinence. This disposable underwear fits like traditional undergarments, but you won't have to stop and change clothes when you experience incontinence. Instead, just pull off and replace with another pair. Prevail's Per-Fit briefs protect your clothes against wetness, absorb medium to heavy flows and absorb odors, too. We carry unisex Prevail briefs in packs of medium, large and extra-large sizes. Add our economically priced incontinence product disposal bags to your order. While urinary incontinence is often associated with old age, people of any age can experience the loss of bladder control from the simple act of sneezing, from pregnancy, the use of certain medications and other causes. As many as a quarter to a third of men and women in the U.S. alone suffer from urinary incontinence. That's why we make it easy to find the products you need for light to heavy-duty protection. Place your order online from the privacy of your home.
Item# Size Waist/Hip Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
PF-012/2 Medium 32" - 44" 20 Each $20.99 80 Each $56.99
PF-016/1 Regular 40" - 49" 20 Each $20.99 80 Each $56.99
PF-013/1 Large 45" - 58" 18 Each $20.99 72 Each $56.99
PF-014/1 X-Large 59" - 64" 15 Each $20.99 60 Each $56.99

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