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Simplicity Extra Underpad

  • $4.99

The Simplicity Extra under pad for incontinence will protect bedding and other surfaces from occasional loss of bladder control. The moderate-absorbency pad has a nonwoven top sheet that allows fluid to be quickly absorbed into the fluffy core to protect your skin from wetness. The polypropylene backing protects against leakage onto the surfaces of beds and other furniture. At AMF, we offer the Simply Extra underpad in a 23-inch by 36-inch size and 30-inch by 30-inch size. Those who suffer from occasional, light loss of bladder control often find these under pads a convenient way to protect against leakage at night. For those who suffer heavy leakage, these anti-leak pads for incontinence provide extra protection in addition to disposable underwear, adult diaper or inserts designed for moderate to heavy incontinence levels. We offer affordable prices on top incontinence brands for youth and adults. Don't let incontinence make your life messy. We have smartly designed, discreet-wear products at affordable prices.
Item# Size Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
1093 23" X 36" 10 Each $5.99 150 Each $41.99
949B10 30" X 30" 10 Each $12.99 100 Each $44.99

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