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Tranquility AIR-Plus Disposable Underpads - Bed Pad Chux - CheapChux

Tranquility AIR-Plus Disposable Underpads - Bed Pad Chux

  • $25.99

AIR-Plus Underpads (Breathable Backsheet)

For those dealing with incontinence, staying dry overnight is a unique challenge. Fortunately, these Tranquility AIR-Plus disposable underpads make the job easy.Incontinence Each one is made to be highly absorbent to keep moisture away from both the skin and the mattress. Meanwhile, these unique incontinence bed pads are made with soft, breathable materials that help to promote skin health with good circulation. Though they can be used in any type of bedding, they are ideal for use with low air-loss bedding.

Choose from two sizes of Tranquility AIR-Plus underpads when you order at AMF Incontinence. The 23 by 36-inch pad features a capacity of up to 29 fluid ounces, while the 30 by 36-inch pad can absorb up to 34 ounces of liquid. Both sizes are available by the pack or by the case to meet your needs and your budget, and automatic delivery subscriptions are available.

Item# Size Capacity Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
2710 30" x 36" 34 oz 10 Each $25.99 40 Each $75.99

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